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Alex Chilltown Single and Album Artwork Project

 I was commissioned to illustrate the single and album artwork for Alex Chilltown's Eulogies album. 


An incredibly personal record, Eulogies is reflective of a life lived claustrophobically, encased in the concrete and tarmac boundaries of South London suburb, Croydon. Eulogies is crystallised in the kind of dreams the can only be borne by such suburban isolation. Eulogies is a sighing ode to the place Alex Chilltown call home. Just as King Krule in habited neighbouring South London districts in The OOZ, Chilltown fully envelop themselves inside the grey malaise and contradictions of post-industrial Croydon. The sites, smells and sights materialise in hyper realism via bursts of luscious dream pop that touch on all cornerstones of the genre without ever being pinned down under the weight of any one influence.

The artwork reflects these ideas through the use of colour and composition. The muted colour palates reflect a life the life of Malaise and the crowded compositions represent the claustrophobia of living in the concrete london suburbs. I illustrated the pieces by hand, and afterwards scanned them to photoshop, to edit them further digitally and make them into their final compositions.


Find out more about Alex Chilltown by visiting their bandcamp page You can also stream Eulogies on Spotify.



I also designed a T-shirt illustration, for this the band gave me free range to choose whatever I wanted as a starting point. However I took into consideration the bands influences and previous likes and dislikes to create a tarot style theme. I then collaborated with the band to perfect the work choosing bold illustration styles that would be suitable to be screen printed.

alex chilltown tshirt final 2.0.jpg
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