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Leeds Street Gallery X Cottingley in Bloom Box Project, Funded by Cottingley in Bloom

I was comissioned by Leeds Street Gallery x Cottingley in Bloom to paint an electrical box with a theme of woodland, in bloom, flowers, woodland or gardening.

I wanted to focus on nature/wildlife and how allowing flowers and gardens to thrive will encourage life and nature in the animal world to grow. Also with the feature of fruit, brings the element of if we allow nature to thrive, we will help people to grow their own food and have local sources of fruit and vegetables, outside of large supermarkets and chains. I also incorporated strong elements of my design style, using strong bold colours and lines and symmetrical patterns. I had to prime the box, use the correct paints to adhere to the box in order to survive in inclement weather and then lacquer the box. The images below show the final design and the step my step process of its creation.

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