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Wedding Stationary

I completed a commission to design wedding stationary for a wedding at Huddersfield town hall. The bride and groom wanted a design which was different to the usual designs on wedding invites which usually feature flowers or swirls and wanted something more personal to them in a more of an art deco style. The venue they had chosen has very strong architectural features so we decided the make this the focal point of the design for the stationary. We used inspiration from the strong lines and shapes of the ceiling of the hall to create one design, the arches and rounder shapes of the balcony and wall arches to create another design and the lines and style of the organ to make a 3rd. We used 2 of these designs on the border for the front of the invite and for the menu, order of service, and table settings. We then used the 3rd for the back of the wedding invite.

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